The anglers out on Lintrathen loch recently have had to contend with some terrible weather.

Some have spent more time bailing the boats than fishing but that’s how it has been with our “Scottish Summer”.

The club championship was fished last week-end, with Kirriemuir’s Alec Ewart running out the winner with ten fish for 10lbs 12 ozs.

The close runner up was Mr G. Thompson, with five fish for 10lbs 7ozs.

In third place was Dave Nichol with five fish for 9lbs 13 ozs.

A total of 54 fish were taken for 111lbs

Some anglers who were out during the rain took a lot of fish on floating lines with Olives, Damsels and small dark flies.

Club results were as follows:- Canmore Angling Club, five boats, 20 fish for 38lbs; Perth Civil Service, five boats, 32 for 62lbs; ADC&D, five boats, 28 for 55lbs; Western Angling Club, six boats, 12 for 24lbs.

Individual boats: Willie Milligan & Alec Ewart, ten fish for 18lbs; Messrs T. J. Thompson, ten for 21lbs; G. Stewart & R. Clark, six for 12 lbs Messrs Robertson & Lennon, seven for 13 lbs; Mr Browning & Mr Campbell, six for 16lbs; Andy Spink & Carson Anderson, ten for 25lbs.