A windy week!

A STRONG wind from the south west didn’t deter two of the more “crazy” Forfar Laser sailors from competing on Tuesday evening.

This was even when some gusts rose to gale force and when beating they found themselves a couple of times in irons after massive shifts simply put them head to wind and almost helpless.

Graeme Knox thought he would have the better of Tony Cook as although the latter is the fastest in the club the conditions favoured him that evening. He shouldn’t have been so complacent as although he had the upper hand to windward Tony’s pace on all other points of sail, where they sometimes planed consistently, was far better and that, a silly capsize and one wrong tacking decision by Graeme gave Tony a deserved win.

A sunny day with plenty of wind from the south west made for an enjoyable and exciting afternoon of racing at Forfar Sailing Club on Sunday. Tony Cook won the first race comfortably but there was a close-run fight over second place, with three sailors finishing only seconds apart, in the order Graeme Knox, Peter Tait and Malcolm Heron.

With the addition of two cadets, Josh and James, racing for the first time in the club’s Topper boats a total of nine sailors competed in the second race. In lighter winds, which dropped away increasingly and shifted to the South, Graeme Knox was ahead of the fleet for two laps, but conceded the lead and eventually dropped to fourth overall after missing a mark. Tony Cook was again victories, Malcolm Heron second and Peter Tait third. The two Topper sailors found their way around the course and hopefully they will be on the loch regularly in the future.