A busy time for Forfar Young Curlers

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Congratulations to Euan MacDiarmid (FYC) who won the Low Road Final with Team Hay.

Layla Wylie (FYC) skip with Nicola Joiner (FYC) third, Leanne McKenzie second, Alex McIntosh (FYC) lead had a win against Hamilton 4-3, and two losses to McNay and Carson. Team Wylie failed to progress to the knockout stages.

Angus Shearer skip, Craig Paterson (FYC) third, Alasdair Middleton second, Stuart Cannell (lead) had wins against Sim 8-2, Davie 8-6, and a loss to Brydone 3-8. Team Shearer qualified for the Low Road quarter finals against Team Duff. Team Shearer lost 4-6.

James Hay (skip) with Euan McDiarmid (FYC) third, Gregor Bousie (second), Ross Cormack (lead) had a win against Dooley 8-2, a win against Sinclair 12-2 and a loss to Morrison 3-4. Team Hay qualified directly for the Low Road semi-final against Team Kingan and won 6-2. In the Low Road final Team Hay beat Team McNay 6-5 to win the event. Well done Team Hay and Euan MacDiarmid of FYC. Kerr Sands Skip, with Adam Flint (FYC) third, Findlay Campbell second and Drew Thomson (lead) had wins against Murray 4-1, Duff 5-4, and a draw against Sutherland 4-4 to qualify for the High Road quarter final. Team Flint lost the quarter final to McCall 5-6.

Hailey Duff (FYC) Skip, with Lynn Paul third (Sophie Sinclair, alternate), Jenni Cannon second, Mili Smith Lead had wins against Murray 7-5, a win against Sutherland 5-3 and a loss against Flint 4-5. Team Duff qualified for the Low Road quarter final against Team Shearer. Team Duff won this one with a steal in the last end 4-2. In the Low Road semi-final, Team Duff lost to Team McNay 2-7.Ewan Maguire (FYC) (skip) with Bruce Keillor (FYC) third, Allan Grant (FYC) second, Alistair Tweedle (lead) had a win against Barr 6-5, loss against Kingan 3-5, loss against Whyte 2-7. Team Maguire failed to reach the knockout stages.

The High Road final was between Ross Whyte and Robin McCall with Team Whyte’s rink coming out on top 5-2. The Low Road final was between Cameron McNay and James Hay. Team Hay stole in both of the last two ends to win 6-5.

Meanwhile, Duncan Menzies of Forfar Young Curlers is representing Scotland this week at the World Junior Curling Championships in Switzerland. Duncan is playing lead for Team Kyle Smith from Perth, and are currently in second equal place with one game of the round robin still to play.

More news on this next week.