The season continued for the members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club with the second of two races from Leicester.

Nine members entered 182 pigeons which were released at 6 am for the 288-mile flight.

A northerly wind slowed the birds down and there were gaps between arrivals.

Continuing his recent form and leading the result was Ian Scott, just heading off David Liddle by a matter of seconds.

Dave Smith was in third place, closely followed by one each to Eric Galloway and David Liddle.

A second pigeon for Ian Scott completed the top six.

The full result with velocities was as follows:- I. Scott, 1135.33; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1135.25; D. Smith, 1131.98; E. Galloway, 1131.78; W. Peet & Son, 1117.93; R. Baldie, 1049.74; M. Leggett, 990.62; J. Flynn, 895.91.

The next race was from Witton Castle when nine members entered 1123 birds for the 143-mile event.

The convoy was liberated at 7 am in good conditions, which quickly deteriorated and the pigeons had to battle through rain on their journey home.

Top of the list for the fifth consecutive race was Ian Scott, a couple of minutes clear of Bob Baldie in second place.

Gavin Ferguson was in third position, followed by David Liddle, with another two for Ian Scott completing the first six places.

The full result was as follows:- I. Scott, 1066.47; R. Baldie, 1056.45; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1045.70; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1042.85; E. Galloway, 979.32; D Smith, 945.85; M. Leggett, 857.33; W. Peet & Son, 441.16.

The next race on the card was the longest inland race of the season, a 428-mile marathon from Eastbourne.

Seven members entered 90 pigeons which were also competing in the Scottish National race. The race was postponed on Saturday due to the poor weather and the liberation was again delayed on Sunday but eventually the convoy was released at 10.45 am and it was then a race against time to record an arrival before darkness fell.

After just over eleven hours the first birds were recorded with one to David Liddle leading the result, followed by one for Mike Leggett just six minutes later.

Bob Baldie had an arrival just after 10 pm to take third place and those were the only pigeons to make it home that night.

It was an early rise the next morning and the first bird recorded taking fourth position was to Ian Scott just before 5 am, with a second arrival for David Liddle about ten minutes later and then another for Mike Leggett completing the first six places.

A steady flow of arrivals continued throughout the morning with the majority of the entry making it home that day.

The full result was as follows:- D. & D. J. Liddle, 1136.04; M. Leggett, 1125.76; R. Baldie, 1108.18; I. Scott, 991.60; E. Galloway, 938.13; D. Smith, 822.02.

The next race is from Witton Castle on Saturday, followed by a short race from Stobs Camp before the final old bird race from Clermont in France which is scheduled for Friday, July 15.

The latest 100 Club winners are M. Baldie (No. 3), Shawnee Mullen (No. 96) and Alex Simpson (No. 57).