The racing season continued with a race from Ripon, a distance of 182 miles.

Eleven members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club entered 278 pigeons which were released at 6.30 am.

In a close finish Ian Scott just pipped the Liddle partnership for the top spot by a matter of seconds, with Gavin Ferguson not far behind in third place.

The Liddles had another in fourth position and two for Bob Baldie completed the top six.

The full result with velocities was as follows:- I. Scott, 1208.16; D. & D. J. Liddle 1207.73; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1203.65; R. Baldie, 1201.53; E. Galloway, 1190.42; M. Leggett, 1165.86; W. Peet & Son, 1157.08; D. Smith, 1139.07; J. Flynn, 995.53; M. Cathro, 989.09; C. E. Bell, 885.08.

The next race was from Wakefield and 275 birds were entered by eleven members for the 214 mile flight.

Following liberation at 6.15 am a fast race followed, with the leading pigeons arriving in just under four hours.

Leading the way once again was the in form Ian Scott with a pair to take first and second positions.

Gavin Ferguson was in third place, just clear of one to Danny and David Liddle.

Two arrivals for Eric Galloway completed the top six.

The full result was as follows:- I. Scott, 1612.74; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1601.26; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1600.76; E. Galloway, 1599.70; W. Peet & Son, 1594.81; M. Leggett, 1591.48; R. Baldie, 1568.87; D. Smith, 1545.29; C. E. Bell, 1468.11; J. Flynn, 1459.25; M. Cathro, 1244.69.

The following race was the first of two from Leicester and nine members entered 210 pigeons which were released at 7.45 am for the 288 mile event.

Once again it was a close finish and for the third week running it was Ian Scott who took the honours heading off the Liddles by a matter of seconds.

Eric Galloway was not far behind in third place, closely followed by one to Gavin Ferguson.

Bob Baldie had two arrivals to complete the top six positions.

The full result was as follows:- I. Scott, 1331.87; D. & D. J. Liddle, 1331.36; E. Galloway 1326.05; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1322.50; R. Baldie, 1319.45; M. Leggett, 1278.47; D. Smith, 1226.14; W. Peet & Son, 1174.91; J. Flynn, 912.48.

The latest 100 Club winners are Macaulay & Ferguson (No 2), Alex B. Liddle ( No 47) and Thomas Greig (No 87).

The members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club were saddened last weekend with news of the death of two of their members.

Mick Cathro from Coupar Angus passed away on Saturday, May 28 following a short illness.

Mick was a life-long pigeon fancier who joined the Forfar club when his local Blairgowrie club disbanded some years ago.

A popular character and a willing worker, Mick loved being among his pigeons and seeing them arrive home from racing.

The following day came news of the passing of the club’s oldest member Danny Liddle at the age of ninety-one.

A highly successful pigeon fancier over many years Danny, who competed in partnership with his son David, was well-known throughout the pigeon fraternity in Scotland.

He was active in caring for his pigeons until two years ago when age took its toll but still took a keen interest in the pigeons and the race results until his death.

Both Mick and Danny will be greatly missed by the members who wish to express their condolences to the families at this sad time.