three more years for club captain

Pic credit Chris Coutts.
Pic credit Chris Coutts.

Forfar Athletic captain Gavin Swankie this week signed a contract extension, tying him up with the Loons until the summer of 2018.

Manager Dick Campbell and chairman Alastair Donald heralded the “special” deal, citing how much it speaks for the club that a player of Gavin’s quality is so comfortable there.

Good players attract good players and Gavin’s deal was easy to do. He’s a class act both on and off the park and he’s our captain.

Alastair Donald

The boss revealed it was Swankie himself who requested the extended deal.

Dick said: “Swankie signing a three year contract is, we think, sending a clear message to everybody to how Forfar is as a football club.

“I think everybody in the league would say they’d love Swankie in their team.

“To sign a three-year contract, we are absolutely delighted.

“He deserves it, he’s the club captain, and it was him that wanted it. It tells us that he’s very happy here.

“It also sends a message to other players at this club how important it is to commit yourself to us.

“He’s a very special player and we’re happy to have him. “

A number of other players have signed multi-year deals this summer, with the likes of Danny Denholm, Michael Travis and Thomas O’Brien all on two-year contracts.

Campbell said that tells people a great deal about the club, a club which he believes is one of the top part-time outfits in the country.

He added: “We’ve got a few other boys on two year deals, they’re committed to us and we’re committed to them. That tells you about the football club. Not many people have two or three year contracts in this league.

“Not many people want to leave Forfar. We’re up there with the best part-time team in Scotland. Forfar is now a respected club and we’ve earned that right.”

Swankie himself was delighted with the contract, saying it was a no-brainer because he’s so happy at the Loons.

Gavin said: “I’m delighted with that. It’s everything about the club, from top to bottom, the chairman, the manager - everything.

“You come in and you want to be here. It’s 20 minutes from the house so it’s ideal for me.”

The chairman was equally thrilled, commending his club captain for his class on and off the field.

Alastair Donald said: “The Swankie deal isn’t just about securing the services of probably the best player in our league, it’s about building the squad.

“Along with the other two year deals we’ve done, it sends out the right signal.

“Good players attract good players and Gavin’s deal was easy to do. He’s a class act both on and off the park and he’s our captain.”