support is incredible

It’s hard not to come away from a conversation with Dick Campbell without feeling an almost ethereal sense of excitement and motivation.

That’s surely a part of why so many players regard him as such a fantastic man-manager.

After five minutes on the phone with the man, you’ll find yourself dusting off the old boots and hoping for a run-out in the Championship Play-off Final.

Campbell feels his side have a good chance against Alloa Athletic in that final, saying there’s nothing between the sides technically and that the spectactors should be in for two very tight games.

He said: “They’ve got a bit of momentum and it’ll be a tight one against Alloa, it’ll be really tight. We want to keep the game tight in the first leg. It doesn’t matter that we’re at home first. There’s nothing between the teams technically.”

Dick confirmed Dale Hilson could make the first leg at Station Park but he’s unlikely to risk the explosive star, instead saving him for Sunday’s second leg in Alloa.

The gaffer said: “In terms of fitness, Dale Hilson might be fit for the second leg and Stuart Malcolm’s back for Wednesday night.

“Hilson’s got a hamstring injury but I could check him on Wednesday, but I think it would be folly. It’s a 180 minute game we’re going into.”

The 1-1 draw with Stranraer should have been a win, but David Mitchell was in typically fine fettle for the Blues in goals.

Campbell had set out defensively to begin the tie but admitted he was dying to get things changed so he could go and attack Stephen Aitken’s side.

He continued: “It was an interesting game. I’ve gone defensive and that isn’t in my make-up, so I couldn’t wait for half-time to get things changed and get in about them again.

“We were magnificent in the second half, seriously magnificent.”

He went on to praise the amazing attendances Forfar have been enjoying after yet another wonderful away support on Saturday, with two full coaches heading down to Wigtownshire.

Dick added: “What about the crowds we’re getting? They’ve almost doubled. The Forfar people are coming out.”