Forfar Athletic defender Iain Campbell: I’ll keep suffering for the good of the club

Photo by Chris Coutts.
Photo by Chris Coutts.

Iain Campbell battled through an agonising injury to put in a 90 minute shift for Forfar Athletic on Saturday.

And the experienced defender is happy to do it as the club fight to preserve their League One status, despite suffering through the pain caused by a sportsman’s hernia.

The winners in any relegation battle are those who show the most fight, the most passion, and the most drive to keep their team above the water.

Nothing embodies that more for the Loons right now than Campbell’s exploits at the weekend, fighting through excruciating pain that bothers him even when he coughs or gets in his car to help Gary Bollan’s side battle Stranraer.

Forfar went down 1-0 to Stranraer, and Iain said that wasn’t a perfect reflection of the way the game went.

Nonetheless, Campbell said he’s ready and waiting if he needs to fill an emergency role for the club, but he will confer with the club as he looks to get all-important surgery on his injury.

He said: “I was surprised to play on Saturday but I was happy to put my body on the line to help the players and the manager.

“I was in absolute agony afterwards. But there were a few boys carrying knocks and things and we got through it. I was happy to help the boys out.

“It’s frustrating for me that I won’t be able to help them out any more to be honest, I’ll be lucky to play one or two more games as an emergency until I get this injury sorted.

“I saw a guy Gary Bollan put me onto and he says I’ve got a sportsman’s hernia, it’s not an official hernia. I get a bit mixed up with the name of it but I need surgery on it.

“It’s a minor op and if I can get it done, I’ll be back playing in three weeks. Obviously the timing of it isn’t great and I don’t have any private cover, so it’s trying to find someone up here who can do the operation.

“I don’t know if I could get it done in the next few days and play at the end of the season or what, I’ll speak to the manager and physio and discuss what the next step is.

“It’s been a frustrating few weeks. Even with coughing and sneezing, getting out of the car and everything it’s agony.

“I’ve had a bit of bother with it for weeks but at Stranraer at home it came to a head.

“It’s a very frustrating injury and I’ve been down in the dumps with it. There’s a sharp pain there and I don’t know if I’ll feature again.”

Campbell is unequivocal when it comes to the relegation danger facing Forfar, and says it’s crucial some of the players in the dressing room realise the gravity of the situation they’re in.

He added that while the team possesses more than enough in terms of footballing ability, they now need to show that they’re ready for the fight mentally - which he believes they absolutely are.

Iain said: “We’re in a massive, massive relegation dogfight. The sooner some of the boys realise that the better, because we need to get some results together.

“It’s been difficult for us, we’ve got injuries and things but we have to dig in and get the results.

“We have what it takes to stay up, 100 per cent. I firmly believe that. With the ability in that dressing room, for me, it’s sometimes frightening.

“But it’s not about ability all the time, we need to man up, grow a set and get stuck into every point. We just need to dig deep, give that extra 10 per cent because with the ability we’ve got we should not be here.

“But we are and I’m confident we can get out of it.”