Forfar Athletic chairman: we’re all needed in relegation fight

Photo by Chris Coutts
Photo by Chris Coutts

Alastair Donald knows that Forfar Athletic’s players are more than good enough to survive their relegation battle.

It’s a team of players with a large number retained from that Loons squad that so very nearly got to the Championship last season.

They were minutes from condemning Alloa Athletic to relegation but it just wasn’t to be, and now they find themselves staring down the barrels of their own relegation less than a year later.

The Forfar chairman said the ability of the players at Station Park cannot be doubted - despite their lowly league position.

And Alastair added that it isn’t just the responsibility of the playing staff to fend off relegation to League Two, but rather the whole club from top to bottom has a role to play - himself included.

Donald said: “These are mostly the same players who were minutes from the Championship last season, the ability is there in spades. The ability can never be questioned.

“We need to take a long look at ourselves now and I’m not just meaning the players, I mean from myself to the board to everybody involved.

“It’s time for us to stand up now and fight to keep the club up.”

The Station Park boss added that the club have got a very talented manager with a good pedigree in Gary Bollan.

He added: “Gary has all the credentials needed for the fight, that’s why we recruited him.

“We are confident that he will give us the best chance of survival.”

The Loons are in action this weekend at the different time of 5.15pm.

They visit Ayr United for a televised clash on BBC ALBA.