farmington put to sword by city

Jade McLaren.
Jade McLaren.

Forfar Farmington goalkeeper Fiona McNicoll reckons the side played well despite the defeat to league leaders Glasgow City on Sunday.

The Premier League side lost 8-1 to a strong City squad but although the scoreline suggests differently, the girls had a good showing in the second half.

Speaking after the game, McNicoll said: “I thought we played really well in the second half. In the first we did give them a bit too much respect, they are a good side but after our team talk at half time we were playing fine.

“I think I had some good saves, although to be fair, they did score eight times and a lot of them were deflections so our defence are top goalscorers now, I think that’s Jade McLaren with four own goals!

“It could have been a tighter scoreline if not for the deflections but to be fair, at the end of the first half, we said to the girls that if we just communicated a bit better, we could have been okay. That’s what we should have learned from the first half early on, if we can just speak to people and tell them that the opposition are coming on to them we would have been fine.

“We took that into the second half and you saw it was a lot better.”

Forfar did grab a consolation with 20 minutes left after a great goal through Lindsey Dunbar and McNicoll believes they can take that positive and build on it.

She continued: “Our goal was good and it was just because we actually took time to believe that if we don’t shoot, we don’t score and that’s what one of my old Scotland coaches Tony Gervaise used to say to us all the time.

“I think we drilled that in at half time, if you’ve got time and you’re in their half, just shoot because we had the wind behind us and look what happened, we scored a goal.

“It was a good positive to take out of the game because it shows that we can actually score against them, they’re not unbeatable.”

McNicoll has spent her entire career at the club, other than a spell out after knee surgery, but thinks she is now getting back to her best.

The stopper said: “Since the start of the season, I’ve not really been playing as well as I should have been but I’m kind of seeing glimpses maybe that I’m coming back to my own self and I’ll do anything for the team.”

Next week Farmington travel to Glasgow to face Rangers, who lost 1-0 to Hearts on Sunday.

The keeper thinks as long as the side start to believe in themselves they will start to get the points they deserve.

Fiona added: “I think we can get a result against any team to be honest, as long as we believe in ourselves and play our game, we can do anything.

“Just now at the start of the season, I think we’ve lacked a bit of that belief and we roll over to teams and things like that but if we keep working hard in training and just believe a little bit more when it comes to a Sunday then I think we’re going to be fine.

“The girls do need to start thinking and we need to start fighting because just now, okay we’re a young team and sometimes acting a bit immature because we’re giving them that extra respect, but there’s only 11 players on that pitch we face, we can take any team if we just believe a little bit more.”

Coach Yasmin Anderson said: “I thought, especially the second half, Forfar seemed to give them a lot less respect than they did at the beginning of the game. They put in a lot more effort after half time, they were a lot more confident, taking chances.”