Curling season is in full swing

Kirrie Ladies

On TUESDAY evening Barbara Sherriff, Sandi Buchan, Isobel Keillor and Jenny Arbuckle played in a Province game against Suttieside.

They started well with a four and scored a further two singles but Suttieside were the winners with a score of 15.

Two more games of Pairs were played on Thursday afternoon. Ruth Baynes (sub for Wilma Phillips) and Katherine Cran played Wilma McGibbon and Frances Martin. This was a good game with a win of six - three to Wilma.

Marnie Ewart and Maggie Orr (sub for Morag Burns) were against Isobel Keillor and Eva Bell. Both teams won three ends but Marnie was the winner with a score of six - four.


THIS week’s report starts with the “Double Rinks” match, on October 28, against Suttieside.

Dave Anderson (Skip) with Gordon Elliot, Russell Hamilton (sub) and Mike Downie lost their game at the last end. The Skip had the choice of a single or a more adventurous four with his last stone. He chose the latter, it didn’t go to plan and he lost four shots.

The game ended 14-10 to Suttieside. The other rink, comprising Ewan Cameron (Skip), Scott Ritchie, Malcolm Nicoll and Dave Congreve won by a two shot margin, so after combining the scores, Suttieside were the overall winners.

On October 30, Cameron McKiddie (Skip) with Jim Strathearn (Sub) Mike Downie (Sub) and Dave Lyon met Forfar Ladies in the Provence League. Mike and Dave played well but the ladies confirmed their superiority on the day by winning 10-4.

Last week’s Agricar match had Russell Hamilton (Skip) Gordon Thomson, Sandy Carle and Angus Redford facing Angus Glens. A tight game ensued but, in the end, the points went to the Glens, who won 10-8.

It is good to finish this report with a success. On Saturday, November 3, Ewan Cameron (Skip), Scott Ritchie, Malcolm Nicoll and Dave Congreve represented Kirrie in the Callender Trophy. It was very much a drawing game against Claverhouse.

After four ends the game stood at peels on two. The complexion of the game then changed. At the fifth end Kirrie secured four shots.

Ewan’s rink went on to collect a further 5 shots from the remaining three ends to coast home with an 11-2 victory.


David Pate, Carolyn Nicoll, Rick Leith and Linda Smith won 12-4 in the first game of the Province League.

Adrian White, Andy Ducat, Sandy Ogilvie and Alan White won 13-4 over Stewart Robertson, Martin Gledhill, Louise Nicoll and Katharine McLean.

Stewart and his team managed to reverse fortunes and win 10-7 over Bill Allisons rink in the club trophy.

Bill Allison, Graeme Nicoll, Sheena Carcary and Kathleen Kilgour drew 8-8 against St Andrews in the latest round of the Agricar League.

Adrian White (sub for Louise Joiner) and Angus Burnett (sub for Campbell White ) won 8 4 in the Pairs competition against Layla Wylie and David Joiner.

Forfar Curling Centre

Super League Division One – G. Christie 10, S. Robertson 3; B. Thomson 9, M. Ferguson 0; S. Reid 1, G. Craik 8; F. Russell 5, Ad. White 6.

Super League Division Two – B. Allison 12, G. Mather 7; Team Act 4, D. Shephard 6; B. Wallace 8, C. Crosby 4.

Angus Province League – Glamis 4, Fothringham 12; Kirriemuir 4, Forfar Ladies 10; Kirriemuir Ladies 6, Suttieside 15; Forfar 7, Angus Glens 9.

Rink Championship – Forfar I 9, Letham Grange 4.

Agricar League – University 7, Evenie Water 9; Angus Glens 10, Kirriemuir 5; Fothringham 8, St. Andrews 8; Suttieside II 10 Lundie & A’House 3; Forfar Ladies 6, Forfar 10; Suttieside I 6, Rattray 3.

Seniors League – G. McQueen 10, B. Adamson 6; J. Miller 7, C. McKiddie 5; A. White 5, D. Taig 6; D. Russell 8, A. McGlynn 3.

Saturday Supper League – D. Shephard 13, J. McMillan 1; A. McGlynn 9, A. Macleod 5; J. Smith 5, C. Anderson 6.

Callander Trophy – Kirriemuir 11, Claverhouse 2; Glamis 2, Lundie & A’House 9.

Indoor bowls

Forfar Indoor BC

The latest results were as follows:

Men’s Fours League – W. Duthie 14, P. Nicoll 19; A. Dick 12, G. Milne 16; S. Munro 18, J. I. Stewart 12; L. Torrie 14;,A Walker 12; R. Eaton 9, A. Philp 23; G. Edwards 25, J Clark 10.

Men’s Triples League A – L. Torrie 4, V. Russell 32; J. Thorley 13, A. Walker 9; A. Philp 16, J. Clark 10; W. Burness 9, P. Nicoll 20.

Men’s Triples League B – S. Munro 14, A. Milne 16; G. Edwards 23, P. Simpson 7; G. Wilson 11, W. Duthie 8; H. Simpson 15, G. Milne 15.

Ladies’ Afternoon Rinks – A. Cairns 10, P. Craig 18; U. Douglas 11, I. Hill 16; E. Stewart 16, P. Aitchison 12; J. Petrie 7 ½, J. Milne 11.

Ladies’ Evening Rinks- F. Walker 29, P. Aitchison 4; P. Craig 15, I. Hill 8; A. Stewart 15, A Whyte 8.

Ladies Evening Triples – J. Petrie 15, J. Milne 8, J. Ritchie 12; F. Walker 13, A. Cairns 5, P. Craig 20.