Bells Trophy win for David Liddle

On the hottest weekend of the year the racing season continued with a 214-mile event from Wakefield.

Some 278 pigeons entered by nine members of Forfar Racing Pigeon Club were released at 6 am to try to get the birds home before the record breaking temperature peaked.

The first arrivals were just on the five hour mark and top of the list for the first time this season was David Liddle, winning the Bells Trophy and just edging Gavin Ferguson into second place.

The remaining top six positions were taken by Bob Baldie.

The full result with velocities is as follows:- D. J. Liddle, 1262.10; Macaulay & Ferguson, 1260.70; R. Baldie, 1256.75; D. Smith, 1254.63; M. Leggett, 1251.87; I. Scott, 1225.29; E. Galloway, 1222.64; W. Peet & Son, 1073.57.

The next race was due to take place from Leicester but, due to unfavourable weather and no sign of an improvement on Sunday, the decision was taken to move the convoy north where a liberation was possible from Wakefield.

Eight members entered 182 birds which were released at 9.15 am.

Heavy showers split the convoy up and the result showed four pigeons well clear of the rest of the field.

Claiming his first win of the year was Ian Scott, just holding off Bob Baldie in second place with Gavin Ferguson taking third followed by Mike Leggett in fourth place.

There was then a twenty minute gap before the next arrivals were recorded with a pair for Bob Baldie completing the top six.

The win earned Ian Scott the Devlin Trophy, while the consistent Bob Baldie picked up the Herald Trophy for the best average over the first six races.

The full result was as follows:- I. Scott, 1196.68; R. Baldie, 1193.65; Macaulay & Ferguson 1185.77; M. Leggett, 1162.06; D. J. Liddle, 1071.70; E. Galloway, 1057.69; D. Smith, 1057.06.

The latest race was also scheduled for Leicester and the unseasonal June weather again broke the convoy up with heavy showers over much of the route.

Eight members entered 168 pigeons for the 288-mile flight and the in-form loft of Gavin Ferguson was top of the list for the fourth time this season, winning first prize and the Kemble Cup with the same pigeon which won the Ridsdale race earlier in the season.

Mike Leggett took second place and wins the Yearling Trophy while David Liddle was third.

Gavin Ferguson had another arrive to take fourth place with a double for Ian Scott completing the top six.

The full result was as follows:-, Macaulay & Ferguson, 1179.33; M. Leggett, 1158.51; D. J. Liddle, 1151.87; I. Scott, 1131.42; R. Baldie, 11329.46; E. Galloway, 1129.39; D. Smith, 1097.32.

There was also a Scottish National race scheduled for the weekend, with four Forfar members competing but the convoy of 4000 pigeons were still in the baskets at Newbury on Sunday night as the weather continues to cause havoc with the race programme.

The next club race is from Witton Castle on Saturday, followed a week later by the near 400-mile race from Maidstone.

The latest 100 Club winners are Sarah Baldie (No.82), Susan Whitton (54) and Jim Flynn (98).