It has been a contrasting weather week up at Lintrathen Loch recently.

The strong winds were still in evidence last week, but not enough to stop fishing.

However on Sunday, when the wind picked up in the afternoon, the bailiff made sure all boats were fishing up at the Roddies end to avoid any problems.

The fish were well down with the wind and were being tempted only with lures on DI3s, etc.

Cormorants, Orange blobs and Damsels were taking fish.

As the week went on and the sun came out, better catches, including a few limits, were being reported with Kate McLarens ,Pennels and Buzzers doing well.

Club results were as follows:- Balbeggie AC, eight boats, 27 fish for 55lbs; Balgay AC, four boats, 9 for 15lbs; Laurencekirk AC, four boats, 20 for 38lbs; Dundee East End, four boats, 14 for 27lbs; Perth Ex-Servicemens Club, three boats, four for 7lbs; Moncrieff AC, four boats, five for 8lbs; Monifieth Trout AC, six boats, 12 fish for 24lbs; Dundee AC, five boats, 24 fish for 45lbs; The Fordyce party, two boats, eight for 21 lbs (including one at 5.1/4 lbs);

Individual boats:- Mr Carle, five for 11lbs; Jim Mosley (Arbroath), five for 10lbs; John Browning ( Glen Isla), four for 10 lbs; J. Thompson, five for 10 lbs.