Despite the high winds of late the fish at Rescobie have been providing great sport.

Getting them to take hasn’t been too much of a problem, getting them to stay on is another matter.

Various lures such as Cat’s Whisker, Damsel and Dancers of various colours have been taking fish, as have buzzers and small traditionals like Kate McLaren.

The fish are not far down and intermediate lines are getting the flies to them.

The fish are well spread out, but the middle of the loch seems favourite at present – if you can get your anchor to hold!

Drew Young’s 8lb 13lb rainbow is still top of the leader board for Gow’s Fish of the month.

Some recent bank successes were as follows:-

G. Irvine (Forfar), four for 8lb 4oz; G. Smith (Arbroath), four for 10lb 8oz; G. Armstrong (Montrose), four for 9lbs; F. Keith (Dundee), four for 13lb 8oz.

W. Smith (Birkhill), three for 6lb 8oz; W. Mudie (Birkhill), three for 8lb 6oz; D. Watson (Brechin), four for 10lbs; R. Panton (Blairgowrie), four for 10lb 8oz; and D.M Smith (Arbroath), four for 8lb 8oz.

From the boats: P. Whyte (Forfar), four for 9lbs; M. Jarrett (Arbroath), four for 13lbs; A. Brewster (Forfar), four for 10lb 14oz;.

D. Halley (Fife), four for 9lb 12oz; J. Westland (Montrose), four for 11lb 12oz; D. Ashe (Forfar), four for 7lb 8oz; and M. McCrum (Montrose), four for 9lb 12oz.