A good start

STRATHMORE SHARKS: The S1/2 team for the forthcoming season.
STRATHMORE SHARKS: The S1/2 team for the forthcoming season.

LAST Sunday (September 2) the Strathie Shark S1/S2 team travelled to Blairgowrie along with many Strathie Sharks teams.

Being the first game of the season the team was under some pressure to put their mark on the league.

The game kicked off with an outstanding performance with hard hitting tackles and some good running support from all players, an early try made sure that the Shark’s heads stayed up and eased a little pressure off of them.

From there on the game flowed very well with good communication and calls from the Strathie side. The first 15 minutes were played well, but there were still another two f15 minute periods to go.

The team had a hard pre-season training and the boys put 100 per cent effort into their game, this was shown as Blairgowrie struggled to leave their own half and this was down to good team work, defence and hard work. Everything that was taught throughout the training was put into good practice.

All 12 lads gelled together as a unit, looked and played well together.

Tries and Conversions: There were 15 tries scored and 11 conversions made during the game, and were made from many players across the team, a very well done to Logan Doig for scoring 4 tries, keep the good work up.

Final result: Strathie 86, Blairgowrie 0.

The next game for the S1/2 team was on warm sunny day away to Carnoustie.

Due to player numbers it was decided to play 11-a-side and three periods of 15 minutes.

A bright start from Strathie was rewarded with a try in the second minute, this was quickly followed by two more scores.

The Sharks were again showing good offloading play and some good runs through the middle of the pitch. However, this was sometimes not followed through by moving the ball out wide once the breakthrough had been made.

At the end of the first period, Carnoustie were getting back into the game and only good defence kept them out.

The second period was played pretty much as the first period, but Strathie were letting Carnoustie win the ball too easily in the ruck.

This allowed Carnoustie to score two tries to Strathie’s one. The third period saw Strathie stretch their lead with four tries to Carnoustie’s one.

This was another good performance from all the players and they should be proud of the effort put in, there are a couple of small things to work on in training but overall well done to the lads again and thanks to the support of the parents on the sidelines.

Final result: Strathie 52, Carnoustie 19.

Team for both matches: Joshua Hampton, Ryan McGregor, Callum O’Brien, Kenneth Dandie, David Edmeades, Bruce Patullo, Logan Doig, Eion Chalmers, Timothy Farrell, Finlay Campbell, Cameron Henderson and Ethan Alexander.