Youth invited to ‘Not So Secret Policeman’s Ball’

STEPS have been taken to make sure the youth of Kirriemuir play a more active part in the annual Kirriemuir Music Festival.

The event takes place this year on September 7, 8 and 9 and Kirriemuir Community Police officers, Constables Alan Bell and Pam Colvin, in conjunction with DD8 Music Youth Group, have organised an event which will cater for the town’s under-18s.

They have hired the Northmuir Hall for Saturday, September 8, to hold the ‘Not So Secret Policeman’s Ball’ for the youth of Kirriemuir.

Saturday is traditionally the main day for the Kirriemuir Music Festival with the adult population of the community enjoying the music provided by festival organisers in various venues throughout the town.

However, in previous years the youth of Kirriemuir have felt left out of the music festival and Constables Bell, Colvin and DD8 Music are to organise an event for under-18s.

The event takes place at Northmuir Hall between 7pm and 11pm and will comprise of Constable Steve Wilson spinning the discs.

He is known in police circles as the ‘Legendary DJ Brickie’.

There will also be live music from “We are the Support Act” “Katie and Chris” and “Around 7” all groups supplied by DD8 Music.

Tickets are available from Webster’s High School, The Friday Night Project for a cost of £2 which includes a refreshment and snack.

For the not so organised tickets can be bought at the Northmuir Hall on the night at £2.50. The Early Bird gets the cheaper ticket.

No alcohol will be permitted at the venue and Constable Bell hopes the event will be run in a very relaxed manner with the emphasis on everyone having a good time.​