‘Yes’ to turbines?

THERE is an ever increasing number of wind farm applications being sent to Angus Council seeking permission to erect turbines in and around the Forfar area.

Some, like the recent Kinnettles Hill wind farm project, have been met with controversy with nearby residents and community councils alike calling for the application to be scrapped.

So how do the public feel about turbines in general? Is it a case of “not in my back garden” or are they beneficial for the Angus community as a whole.

We asked if you think they are good for the county and where the best place to put them would be. Here are a selection of your responses.

Nicki Thornton said: “Of course they are a good idea! It’s not like they are any more unsightly than electricity pylons or phone and tv masts. You never notice these on the landscape as we are used to them and in time you’d get used to the turbines.

“There is a lot of shoreline that is not being used and many fields that farmers may not be able to afford to harvest so it is maybe better for them to sell out some of the fields.

“Good idea and it’s good for the future.”

Tom Obrien said: “They are a good idea but only if they will benefit the local community by lowering electricity bills.”

Gordon Farmer said: “The wind turbine farms are a great idea, the only thing that is holding it back is greedy councils who want lots of money for planning permission.

“If there were more wind farms we wouldn’t need to rely on other countries supplying us power and would cause less harm to the environment. Over time electric prices should fall and we can produce unlimited amounts of energy.

Terry Ferguson added: “There are far too many people who say ‘not in my back yard’, and as a result, too few of these farms get planning permission. I agree it would be a great idea to give either more of the power back to the community or put money back into it.”