Wildfire warning

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s (SFRS) Group Manager for Angus is urging communities to Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire and help Scottish Fire and Rescue Service reduce wildfire incidents across the area.

Last year firefighters were called to deal with hundreds of wildfire/grassfire incidents across Scotland, and the demand on SFRS resources was significant. It is hoped that an awareness raising campaign will help reduce that demand.

The time of year is approaching when the risk of wildfire is at its highest and SFRS is keen to work with land managers, tourists and communities to help cut the number fires in a bid to protect the countryside and its residents.

Craig Thomson, Group Manager for Angus, said: “Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire and we are asking communities, tourists and visitors to be aware of the heightened risk of wildfire at this time of year.

“We want people to act responsibly in a countryside environment, such as properly disposing of smoking materials to prevent these fires happening in the first place.”