What you think Forfar needs in the new year?

WITH 2011 behind us and the beginnings of 2012 well underway we asked you what you think could be improved upon in Forfar by Angus Council.

We were inundated with replies ranging from hopes for more things for young people to do to calls for improved litter policing.

Here are just a few of your comments.

Many of you suggested that the roads needed a lot of improvement. Jen Falconer, Arlene Walker and Tracy Mcintosh all called for something to be done to get rid of pot holes and improve road surfaces.

The majority suggested that there should be more facilities for keeping younger people in the town entertained.

Kari Mathews said: “Definitely need more things for kids, there is nothing at all for them to do!

Gayle Black added: “A place where kids and teenagers with special needs can enjoy group activities without the pressure of being accepted and for staff to be able to cope with different needs.”

Hayley Cargill felt that indoor activities could be improved, she said: “We need more things for children to do indoors. The leisure centre could be doing with a make over and the swimming pool could be bigger as well with a baby and toddler pool attached.

Jacqueline Gilchrist agreed that more work needed to be done on the swimming pool, she said: “My son goes to swimming lessons, which he loves.

“The problem is that the water is so cold that he comes out with blue lips. As if that’s not bad enough, the air conditioning is on full in the female changing room, blowing ice cold air at people who are freezing already and trying to get changed.

“They say this is sure to a technical fault. They also say it’ll be into January before it’s fixed. I think that’s shameful.”

Ewan Phillip said it was not just young people who need to be catered for, he said: “A retail/entertainment park bringing some new business into the town.

“The classic examples of Cinema, Bowling and a much better sports centre/swimming pool. These are all things that are enjoyable and usable by children, adults and elderly alike! It would not only give Forfar residents things to do but it would also draw in people from the surrounding areas to Forfar.

“Take some of the cash which would inevitably go to Dundee and inject it into Forfar. Make it a town people can be proud to live in instead of looking to get out of the town at the first opportunity!

Jayne Kettles, Jacqueline Gilchrist and Craig Kearns all agreed that something needs to be done about dog fouling. Craig said: “Dog poo patrol really needs to happen, my walk to work (less than half a mile) is like a smelly, steaming brown obstacle course. Big on the spot fines followed by dog keeping bans for repeat offenders.”

Finally, Clair Trethowan said: “More council housing support for those of us who, because of the financial crisis, can’t get a mortgage but have been on the council waiting list for 10 years.”