Weather warning for heavy rain in Angus

Tayside Police are urging drivers to take care in light of the heavy and persistent rain that has been forecast to develop throughout parts of the region during today (Wednesday), through tomorrow and into Friday.

With the rain falling on already saturated ground there is the potential for localised flooding and this could also result in surface water on the roads and difficult driving conditions.

Anyone who is travelling through the wet weather should allow plenty of time for their journey, reduce their speed and drive according to the conditions.

This includes keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front and using dipped headlights where appropriate.

Large puddles and pools of water are likely to collection roads in both rural and urban areas.

As such, drivers should slow down when approaching standing water to avoid risks of aqua planing. They should also give consideration to any pedestrians nearby.

People are also advised to make use of traffic information websites such as

There are also regular updates on AA Roadwatch

Further Information on the kind of disruption that might be experienced is available at

The full Alerts, with maps of the area affected, can be viewed on hazard manager or on website

People should also be aware of local television and radio bulletins for updates on the latest weather and travel information.

Details on any council and trunk road closures can be found at

Local authority websites carry further useful information in relation to various services and people should also log on to the Safer Scotland Ready For Winter? website on for more valuable information