Weather topples 4000-year-old stone

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The recent bad weather has taken its toll on a local landmark.

The Carlingswell standing stone has stood on farmland in Airlie for 4000 years but as ice from the latest cold snap melted away, the stone toppled over. In the eighteenth century, human remains were found below the two metre, unsculpted stone and Historic Scotland plan to use the opportunity to carry out an archaeological dig prior to reinstating the stone in an upright position.

A spokesperson for Historic Scotland said: “We were contacted by the landowner and had a meeting with him on Friday.

“Fortunately the stone was not damaged in any way and the owner has cordoned the stone off to protect it from grazing stock. Prehistoric standing stones such as this commonly have relatively shallow footings and two thousand years of soil erosion can result in instability. We will be investigating options for reinstating the stone.

“Historic Scotland is hoping to arrange for archaeological excavation around the base of the standing stone followed by its re-instatement.”