Volunteers needed for Kirrie Scouts

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THE KIRRIEMUIR Scout Group is experiencing a boom in numbers and currently has a packed waiting list full of young people wanting to join.

The Beavers, Cubs and Scout groups are all looking for new adult volunteers which would help to reduce the waiting list.

No previous experience is necessary in order to be a volunteer as full training is provided with existing leaders offering support and guidance.

Group Scout Leader Kathryn Williams said: “Volunteering is immensely rewarding. It is unfortunate that we have so many young people in Kirriemuir keen to join us but not enough volunteers to make this possible.”

“The roles we are looking to fill range from assistant leaders working with our young Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to support workers on our committee.”

Cub meetings take place on Monday evenings, Scouts on Wednesdays and Beavers on Thursdays.

Adult volunteers get just as much from Scouting as young people.

All adult leaders in Scouting receive support through a comprehensive training programme which helps to develop their current skills and learn new ones.

This training can help towards the achievement of external qualifications, while there are also awards which recognise dedication to training and outstanding service within the Movement.

Training is offered in two distinct stages. Initial training entitled ‘Getting Started,’ gives an overview of the movement and highlights the need for operating within the Association’s key policies. It also signposts the new leader to the further training they may require.

Once the leader’s personal training has been completed and they have demonstrated that they are putting their training into practice, then they can be awarded the Wood Badge.

Further information about Scouting can be found at www.scouts-scotland.co.uk.

If you would like to offer Kirriemuir Scout Group your support by volunteering or know someone who can you can contact Neil Redford on 01575 575215 or Kathryn Williams on 01575 573961.