VIDEO: Carnoustie club brings historic favourite to Games for first time

On Sunday a Carnoustie fencing club introduced to the Strathmore Highland Games one of Scotland’s long-lost pastimes and which historically was once a huge draw.

The Highland Broadsword Fencing Angus Club sent a team up to Glamis Castle for the annual Games and gave a spectacular demonstration of Highland singlestick.

Strathmore Highland Games 2016

Strathmore Highland Games 2016

Their display drew gasps and cheers as the fencers demonstrated both the static Scottish version and more mobile English version of the traditional contest which sees two fencers face off against each other with hefty wooden switches with which they must strike their opponent across the brow with to score a point.

Traditionally, points were scored by drawing blood, but more modern (and sensible!) use protective headgear.

Following the display a number of spectators approached the fencers to discuss the sport, including a former student fencer from Germany who pointed out the similarities between the two.

Club president and co-founder Thomas McConnell said: “It was great to be able to do traditional Highland singlestick at the Strathmore Highland Games at the weekend.

“It was the first time that the sport has been done at Strathmore, which has been running since 1975.

“Our club hopes to be able to run a tournament next year in an effort to bring back singlestick to the Highland Games.

“It used to be that the singlestick competition had the largest prize purse at Highland Games, so it would be good if we can resurrect this and perhaps have more tourneys at other Highland Games as well.”