Veterans’ support

ANGUS Council is preparing to launch a project that will help and support veterans across the county.

Described as a “one-stop paper and online information resource” the project will identify and co-ordinate all services available to veterans in Angus.

Ron Ashton, director of neighbourhood services said: “In line with other authorities, Angus Council has appointed a veterans’ champion, Councillor Peter Nield, who is himself a former military serviceman, to champion the needs of veterans and promote and support the excellent relationship between Angus Council and the British military.”

He added: “The main objective of the champion is not to duplicate current provision or ideas but to ensure the wide arena of support and assistance is co-ordinated in a one-stop-shop approach.”

The new partnership will work alongside the Firmbase group which has been established as a cross-forces group within Tayside to support collaborations with local authorities and their partners.

Mr Ashton said: “In working alongside the Firmbase group, the Veterans’ Partnership will co-ordinate veterans’ initiatives throughout the year and disseminate information to member organisations.”

It is envisaged that the initial group will be established by the end of this month. By the end of November it is hoped that there will be a governance structure with clear roles and responsibilities.

Councillor Colin Brown, vice-convener of neighbourhood services, said: “We want to continue our tradition of partnership with the UK’s military services by giving real direction to our support for veterans and making access to services easier and more co-ordinated than at present.”

The initiative will be launched in spring 2012 along with a booklet explaining the roles of the partnership.