Vandalism outrage

A Forfar councillor has expressed outrage at the damage caused to vehicles at the Forfar recycling depot which disrupted kerbside collections and left the taxpayers out of pocket, writes Janet Thomson.

Councillor Colin Brown was vociferous in his comments stating simply “it’s not on”.

The vandals struck sometime between January 1 and 3, targeting four kerbside vehicles with tyres being slashed and graffiti sprayed on the bodywork.

Speaking to the Dispatch he continued: “This is an act of pure wanton criminality. The taxpayers of Angus end up paying for this one way or another.

“This wasn’t some random childish destruction, it was targeted and deliberate destruction of property. I appeal to the public in Angus, vandalism costs YOU money, help stop it now - tell someone when you see it happening.

“Crimestoppers, the Police, our own ACCESSline can all be used to pass on what you know. The council has limited resources and this expense just means less money for things people really need. It’s not on.”

Councillor Brown’s comments were backed up by Angus Council’s waste management spokesperson, Councillor Jim Millar who also condemned the vandals’ actions.

He said: “This caused major disruption to the planned kerbside collections on Tuesday, January 3.

“We disposed of the recyclable materials in the usual way apart from a small amount collected with another vehicle in which some of the contents were contaminated with broken glass and had to be landfilled.

“Staff, who had worked voluntary overtime on a public holiday, made every effort to retain as much of the recyclable material as possible

He added: “Apart from the cost of repairs to the vehicles and the disruption to our collections, this wanton vandalism impedes our efforts to improve our recycling rates in Angus, which sit at 36.73% for 2010/11.

“Contrary to a recent media report, our kerbside recyclates are separated into stillages carried on the vehicles, then offloaded at Lochhead, Restenneth into further separated containers. These individual containers of cans, bottles etc are then bulked up before being sent to the council’s sorting and processing plant at Arbroath, where they are baled up before being sent for reprocessing and recycling into new products. The containers of colour-separated glass are taken from Lochhead directly to the glass reprocessing plants. A similar bulking process also takes place at Montrose before the collected materials are sent to either Arbroath or to the glass reprocessing plant.

“With regard to flytipping, this is not a significant problem in Angus. We have received in the region of 300 reports yearly for many years, and upon investigation, in approximately 20% of cases, no flytipping is found.”

The vandalism at Forfar Recycling Centre has been reported to the police and anyone with knowledge of this incident should contact the police.