University applications in Scotland show welcome rise

UCAS statistics released on Friday for applications to study at Scottish universities have shown a welcome rise from the previous year.

In Scotland, applications have risen by 7.1 percent (applications from Scottish students to study in Scotland have risen by 2.1 percent). Applications are also up for students from England (14.7 percent) and Northern Ireland (17.3 percent), but are down for students from Wales (4.1 percent).

Scotland also saw a small rise, 0.8 percent, in the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

There has been an increase in the number of European Union student applications to Scotland of 5.1 percent and non-EU students of 6.9 percent.

Commenting on the figures, Robin Parker, NUS Scotland President, said: “Today’s UCAS figures reflects the excellent reputation of Scottish education both in the UK and abroad. Scotland saw a dramatic rise applications, including higher numbers of students applying from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is welcome news, though the proof of whether Scotland’s poor record of widening access is improving will only come if these applications translate into enrolments later this year.”