Twitter provides platform for road safety cameras

TAYSIDE, Lothian and Borders and Central Scotland Safety Camera Partnerships are now using Twitter to inform motorists where safety cameras are located at the touch of a button.

Each week the three Partnerships will ‘tweet’ the locations of mobile safety cameras, as well as information on road safety events and campaigns.

The use of twitter allows the Partnerships to reach more people via an increasingly popular medium.

Mobile safety cameras are deployed at locations where there is a history of accidents and speeding with the sole aim of reducing the number of collisions and casualties.

Recent figures show that safety cameras have reduced the number of people killed or seriously injured at camera sites across Scotland by 63%.

The Scottish Safety Camera Partnerships currently publicise the locations of their cameras in the local media and on their websites each week. The use of Twitter provides another way for people to access this information.

Arron Duncan, Safety Camera Partnership Manager, said: “By tweeting we are offering those who currently access social media quick and up to date safety camera information.

“People should not be surprised that we are telling drivers where the cameras will be, as we want motorists to think about their driving and reduce their speed rather than detect them speeding.

“I would ask that all road users drive within the speed limit to help make the roads safer for all.”

The use of social media channels such as Twitter are already widely used by many organisations and agencies across Scotland including police authorities as a way of reaching a wider audience.