Travellers set up camp at lochside football pitch

The on-going saga of travellers setting up camp in Forfar continued at the weekend when a group moved on to a site adjacent to the Lochside Caravan Park.

A number of caravans and associated vehicles were seen to move on to the strip of land between the caravan park and Strathmore Cricket Club.

The piece of land is used by local football teams for training purposes and for games.

The camp is the latest in what has been a long running saga between groups of travellers and local landowners, including Angus Council.

A group first appeared on a piece of land adjacent to the Forfar to Glamis road, quickly followed by another group on a site at Orchardbank.

Another group set up camp on Strang’s Mortification land at Gowanbank, gaining access through the Lilybank playpark, before moving to a site at Orchardbank.

At the time of going to press on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “We are aware of the encampment and we are monitoring it in accordance with our policies and procedures.”