Travellers move in!

The travellers' site at Bogside Farm near Forfar on Friday morning.
The travellers' site at Bogside Farm near Forfar on Friday morning.

ANGUS Council is continuing to monitor a travellers’ encampment set up at Bogside Farm on the outskirts of Forfar.

At the time of going to press yesterday (Tuesday,) a spokesperson said: “We are aware of the encampment near Forfar and will continue to monitor the situation in line with our policies and procedures.”

The camp was first noticed on Friday morning on the old Forfar to Kirriemuir Road.

The group of seven caravans and seven motor vehicles have settled down a side road beside a field on the road heading towards the fly-over.

Our Facebook page was flooded with comments regarding the issue when we asked “As a group of travellers move in on a site near Forfar, what are your views on the travelling community?”

The question sparked mixed views in the comments. Pam Hudson said: “It’s a shame how a few travellers have created such a bad name for all of the travelling community”, whilst Iain Paterson added: “It’s the life that they have chosen to lead, but in the same respect they should not just make camp where it suits them.”

This is the second time in as many years travellers have visited Forfar after they set up camp at Gowanbank and Pitreuchie Farm in the summer of 2010.

The council’s spokesperson would not comment further on the matter when asked about the council policy on travellers and we were referred to the local authority’s website.

In most cases, Angus Council will not pursue an immediate order for eviction as long as the travellers keep groups small with no more than three caravans at a site, ‘phone the Access line to request bin bags for waste, look after the land on which they park and be considerate to nearby residents.

They should also prevent disease by getting rid of animal and human waste hygienically, park vehicles and caravans safely, not burn or dump rubbish and keep any animals they have under control. When the council is faced with unauthorised encampments, a multi-agency panel has to get involved.