Traffic proves a problem in Forfar area

WE asked the people of Forfar what they felt were the biggest problems facing road users in and around the town.

While some felt that it was other drivers and pedestrians who caused the biggest problems, others felt that work should be done to improve the roads themselves.

Here are just a selection of your responses.

Christine Gibson said: “Too many people using mobile phones whilst driving and inconsiderate farmers not clearing up mud.”

Clare Stewart said: “People parking on double yellow lines and zig-zags.”

Rob McPate: “Allowing enormous tractors with trailers to speed up and down the high street, god help us if they hit someone or something.”

Nicki Thornton said: “People with disabled badges thinking they can park anywhere.

“ he badges are given out because, yes the drivers have issues, but double yellow lines is there for a reason and disabled badges allow you to park in designated bays only.

“Having a blue badge does not give you permission to park anywhere you like.

“When blue badge holders take liberty and use the blue badge as an excuse to park where they like causes problems for other users of the road.

“Wardens should be taking heed of the law and giving out tickets to badge holders for flouting the rules.”

Linda Innes argued: “Blue badges are actually allowed to park outwith designated parking bays as long as they are not causing an obstruction.”

Ian Bishop said: “Taxis. Why do they need to take up most of the town centre? Go park in the myre and get called in when necessary.

“People pay for a taxi, they don’t pay for a car/cars constantly sitting parked up whilst the drivers chat or smoke on the pavement. A vandal free open line phone by say by the Royal hotel through to one operator on a shared service works in many other towns. Why not Forfar?”

The pavements were also targeted, Sharon MacPhail said: “It’s not just the roads, it’s the pavements too - they are a nightmare when you have a pram!”

There were also a few suggestions about how to improve the layout of the town for the benefit of everyone.

Lynne Nicoll said: “Now that Castle street is one way, why dont they get rid of the double yellow lines? Let people park up there and let the wee shops in Forfar benefit from you being able to just nip in.”

David Murdie agreed: “More pedestrian friendly areas and safer crossings as this would encourage people to use local shops.”

Jeff Rioch added: “Roberts Street going out onto North Street is an accident waiting to happen. No view either way when cars and lorries parked on double yellow lines at the chip shop.

“It’s not the chip shop’s fault but police need to start booking people.”