Top award winners at annual Tannadice show

THE first of the local flower shows took place at Tannadice on Saturday.

The Jock Neish Centre was the venue for the annual show of Tannadice, Oathlaw and District Horticultural Society.

The show was exceptionally well supported, despite the difficult growing conditions that prevailed this year – from the early warm spell, excessive rainfall during the growing season and the lack of sunshine.

The prizes were presented by the Rev. John Orr, Oathlaw and Tannadice Church.

The main award-winners were as follows:-

Denny Shield (best first time competitor) - Andrew Glaister; D. B. Whitton Cup (pot plants) - Dave Robbie; runner-up - Mairi Alexander; Mr & Mrs M. Hill Cup(flowers) - Karen Buckley.

Renilson & Allardice Trophy (flowers) - Beth Smart; runners-up - Bill Adam and Mairi Alexander; Tannadice Church Anniversary Quaich (floral arrangement) - Nancy Davidson; Mr & Mrs A. Millar Cup (fruits) - Charles Alexander; runner-up - Ethel Innes; Glenogil Cup (vegetable collection) - Gordon Anderson; D. Skea Trophy (shallots) - Gordon Anderson; Arbuckle Trophy (onions) - Gordon Anderson; Murray Cup (vegetables) - Gordon Anderson; runner-up - Dave Robbie; Irvine Trophy (overall flowers, fruit and vegetables) - Dave Robbie; runner-up - Gordon Anderson.

Westwood Cup (novelty fruit or vegetable) - Gordon Anderson; Langlands Miniature garden beds - Mairi Alexander; Easter Ogil Cup (industrial) - Mairi Alexander; runners-up - Frances Smith and Mary Daun; Smith Barnyards Cup (produce) - Mairi Alexander; runner-up - Kathleen Stevenson; Grant Perpetual Trophy (overall industrial and produce) - Mairi Alexander; runner-up - Kathleen Stevenson.

Langlands Miniatures (seven to ten years) wood or material - Owen Mitchell; eleven to 15 years wood or material - Jamie Menmuir. five to ten years drawing - Julia Murrie ; eleven to 15 years drawing - Anne Murrie; five to 15 years mixed - McKinley Taylor; Alison Whitton Trophy (overall) - Anne Murrie; Mowbray Trophy (flowers and vegetables) - Murray McDonald; Elizabeth Lyell Cup (bridesmaid posy) - Julia Murrie.

Garden News Top Tray - Gordon Anderson; Garden News Top Vase - 1, Beth Smart; 2, Mairi Alexander; 3, Mabel Galloway.