Tips to burn off extra energy this Hallowe’en

Picture by Justin Spittle
Picture by Justin Spittle

NHS Tayside’s Paediatric Overweight Service Tayside (POST) wants families to have a fantastically freaky Hallowe’en but would like to highlight how much extra energy families could be consuming when guising with their little ghouls.

At this favourite time for our little ones, it can be tricky for parents to give the right terrifying treats. The scary truth is the average child collects the equivalent to at least 200 sachets of sugar when guising. To burn this off you would have to walk at a moderate pace for 31 hours.

POST team lead Dr Laura Stewart challenges you to have a healthier Hallowe’en by trying out some of these tricks:

· Mind over munch - hide the trick and treat sweets and make some fun, spooky fruit and vegetable snacks such as ghoulish bananas, spider satsumas and apple monsters.

· Broomsticks at the ready! Challenge your wee witch or wizard to do the monster mash – keep your body moving whether it’s dancing with Dracula or walking with the werewolves around the houses.

· Careful with your cauldron size – the bigger the cauldron, the more loot you’ll get! Also suggest bite-sized versions of sweeties.

· Prolong the fun and ditch the desserts that week. Swap in some spooky sweets from your Hallowe’en haul.

· Eat before you trick or treat - make sure you have a balanced meal before you go. Children will be less likely to dig into their bag of goodies.

· Time it right. Take your little pumpkins out early enough so the people at home aren’t as eager to get rid of their sweetie stash.

A growing number of children have food allergies. Look out for or join the Teal Pumpkin Campaign where houses are offering non-food treats such as stickers, bouncy balls or puzzles.

To find out more about POST or if you have any concerns about your child’s weight, contact POST in confidence on 01738 473784 or email or visit