Threatened for cash

Police in Forfar have issued an urgent appeal to members of the public to contact them immediately if they are threatened by strangers.

Their advice follows a report of a Forfar resident who handed over a three-figure sum of cash at his home after being followed in the street. In another incident he was visited at home by a female who jammed his front door open with her foot as she demanded cash.

The man, who did not wish to be named, says he has been so traumatised that he is now seeking counselling from a psychiatrist.

He said he handed over the money in the first instance as he felt frightened and intimidated in his own home.

He has reported the incidents to the Police, claiming he is now stopped on the street regularly by a certain element who are repeatedly asking him for cash.

When contacted this week by the Dispatch, a Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Tayside Division encourages members of the public to report any incident that causes fear or alarm, with the assurance that any report will be fully investigated and the appropriate action taken.

“In the event that someone arrives unannounced at their door, if the door is fitted with a chain, they should use it. If you are not satisfied that they are who they claim to be do not let them in and contact Police Scotland, Tayside Division on 101 or 999 in an emergency”.