Third cat is killed by car on 20 mph Gallowshade Road

SAD LOSS: Shadow was killed by a car on Gallowshade Road.
SAD LOSS: Shadow was killed by a car on Gallowshade Road.

A LOCAL woman has suffered the loss of her third cat after it was hit by a car.

Shadow, a dainty black and white young cat, was killed when he was struck by a vehicle at roughly 7 p.m. last Tuesday.

Owner Angie Orr (38) lives on Gallowshade Road.

She said: “A majority of the cars which drive by our house are obviously speeding. Even the buses aren’t sticking to speed limits.”

All three of Angie’s cats have been killed in the same spot close by a speed bump in the last two years and she has decided to keep her remaining four cats safe in the house until the situation with the speeding vehicles has been resolved.

She added: “I am devastated to lose my third cat on this road. Shadow, Tiger and Holly are missed by us all.”

Angie is planning on constructing a pen to allow her remaining cats to enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

The road traffic unit of Tayside Police were not aware of any issues of speeding in the area but a spokesperson said: “The lady concerned should get in contact with us and also the local authority to see about traffic calming measures.”