There is still plenty time left to enter the Marafun!

THIS year the Forfar Rotary Marafun has created changes whereby any club, charity or organisation can enter a team to raise funds for their own cause.

If you enter a team of five runners in either the Marafun or Half Marafun then arrange your own sponsorship you can earn whatever your target figure is.

If you choose this option then all you pay Rotary is an entry fee of £20 per team member and your club keeps the rest.

So, if you want to run and support a children’s nursery, girls football team, judo club, youth organisation, school or swimming club please get an entry form and register your team right away.

If you are a member or two short of a full team, Rotary will allow you to run with less than five people or they can probably manage to match you up with another team.

This is a great opportunity to raise funds and add to the excitement of Marafun 2012 on May 27. You can of course elect to enter a team and run for the Rotary cause which is the Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre only paying a team entry fee of £40.

Preparations are well in hand for the actual day with lots to do and lots to see for all those who are preparing to pop along, cheer the runners as well as enjoy all the other side attractions currently being lined up to make Marafun 2012 even more successful than ever.