The results are in

The first round of applications for the Focus on Alcohol Angus Innovation funds have now been judged and three projects have been awarded funding.

The WEB project, which discourages substance misuse amongst young people; Tayside Police and Tayside Council on Alcohol; and Montrose Academy and Tayside Police have been successful in securing grants.

The awards are to support the following initiatives: The WEB project to develop creative poetry from real life experiences, Tayside Police and Tayside Council on Alcohol project working with young people around anti-social behaviour and developing safer neighbourhoods and Montrose Academy and Tayside Police arts and drama dvd project, revealing the damage alcohol does to self esteem and image in young people.

Eileen McArthur, senior planning officer for Focus on Alcohol Angus said: “The judging panel was impressed with the range of good, creative ideas presented in some of the applications. The challenge set to the applicants was to get them to think of new, exciting ideas to tackle alcohol issues and the successful projects to date have achieved this really well”.

Robert Peat, chair of the Angus Alcohol and Drugs Partnership said: “It is important that we continue to test new ways of tackling the problems and issues we have with the use and misuse of alcohol. The projects that have been funded will be evaluated so in order to establish what difference they have made to the groups and individuals concerned.

In particular we want to establish what changes has been made in relation to behaviour around the use of alcohol. This will then provide us with an opportunity to develop future approaches.”

The Focus on Alcohol Angus project continues to welcome further applications that can demonstrate creative approaches around tackling the issue of alcohol.

Applications are considered up to the amount of £750. The deadline for submission is December 2. Contact Eileen McArthur on 01307 474877 or for an application pack.