The final straw to help develop new fuel source

Angus Council has welcomed a £25,000 award from Local Energy Scotland to develop a new fuel source from the farming industry.

The project will develop a new fuel source from the agricultural sector that will feed into local heat demand and potentially local electricity demand.

The fuel will be created through the processing and drying of used animal bedding-a mix of straw and animal waste-principally cattle.

It is envisioned that the transfer of heating supply from grid-related solutions will help relieve pressure on mainstream electricity supplies as efforts turn increasingly to non-carbon related sources of fuel.

Currently being piloted by the Montrose Local Energy Project (MLEP), it was developed from an idea by local farmer Alex Sanger and is being led by Angus Council in partnership with the local farm, as well as researchers and consultants from the energy sector.

A council spokesman said: “Angus Council and partners will have the common goal of researching, analysing, testing and ultimately creating a new fuel source from used animal bedding.

“We are delighted that the project is being supported by the Scottish Government’s Local Energy Scotland Fund in this way.”

Local Energy Scotland is a consortium made up of the Energy Saving Trust (EST), Changeworks, The Energy Agency, SCARF and The Wise Group which administers and manages the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) with support for delivery from Ricardo-AEA.

The consortium helps communities and rural businesses via a wide range of support, including free advice and support to help communities and rural businesses develop renewable energy schemes.