Tempest to thrill at Glamis Castle

'The Tempest' will play at Glamis Castle on August 8 and 9.
'The Tempest' will play at Glamis Castle on August 8 and 9.

Glamis Castle will host a touring troupe of Shakespearian actors next week who will bring their own version of one of The Bard’s most magical plays to a local audience.

The Three Inch Fools are this month touring stately homes, castles and gardens across Scotland and the north of England to perform the new and fast-paced production of ‘The Tempest’.

Set on a remote island, Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, plots to restore his daughter Miranda to her rightful place using illusion and skilful manipulation.

A skilled magician, he conjures up a storm to lure his usurping brother Antonio and the complicit King Alonso of Naples to the island. There, with the help of the spirit Ariel, he brings about a series of revelations regarding Antonio’s origins, the King and Miranda.

Bringing a fresh and vibrant approach to Britain’s greatest playwright, The Fools’ rustic blend of wit, originality and eccentricity, combined with live music-making, provides a dynamic take on Shakespeare.

With their camping gear, props, instruments and a magnificent teepee packed, The Three Inch Fools will be performing in the castle’s magnificent drawing room on August 9 and 10, at 8pm.

Doors open at 7.30pm and further details and full schedules are available at www.threeinchfools.com

Tickets are available from the castle’s website at www.glamis-castle.co.uk and information is available by telephoning 01307 840393.