Tackling HGV problem along narrow street

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THE local authority is to take action to cut down on the problems faced by heavy goods vehicles trying to exit Manor Street at what is a bottle-neck junction into Castle Street.

There have been a number of occasions in the past when lorries have become sandwiched between the buildings on each side of the road at the junction, with no possibility of emerging into Castle Street. That has meant a long reverse back along Manor Street for some of the vehicles.

Members of Angus infrastructure services committee are meeting today (Tuesday) to consider a permanent restriction on the maximum size of vehicles permitted to use a section of the street.

In his report to committee, Angus director of infrastructure services, Eric Lowson, said: Councillors are being asked to agree to the promotion of a Traffic Regulation Order restricting the length of vehicles permitted to use a section of Manor Street, Forfar.

“Manor Street links Craig O’ Loch Road with Castle Street and is generally quite narrow, particularly near its junction with Castle Street.

“This makes the turning movement from Manor Street into Castle Street very difficult for large vehicles.

“That section of Manor Street extending for a distance of 77 metres westwards from its junction with Castle Street is currently subject to an eastwards only one-way traffic restriction.

“This has the effect of prohibiting vehicles entering Manor Street from Castle Street.

“It was recently reported that a large articulated vehicle entered Manor Street from Craig O’ Loch Road in the belief that it could access Castle Street by this route.

“The vehicle was too long to make the turn in either direction into Castle Street and, as such, had to reverse the whole length of Manor Street to Craig O’ Loch Road.

“In order to avoid this situation arising in the future it is proposed to introduce a prohibition of driving by vehicles exceeding a length of 35 feet (10.7 metres) over that section of Manor Street from a point 30 metres east of its junction with Manor Court eastwards to its junction with Castle Street.

“All vehicles will be permitted on the remaining western section of Manor Street in order to permit access by large vehicles to the existing service yard for the nearby DIY store.”

The estimated cost of implementing the proposal is £4,500 and the promotion of an appropriate Traffic Regulation Order will be required.