Steering group to look at parking issues in Angus

Angus Councillor Donald Morrison.
Angus Councillor Donald Morrison.

Angus Council has formed a steering group to look at the issues of parking enforcement in the county.

The Member Officer Steering Group has been set up following a meeting of the communities committee last Tuesday which discussed Decriminalised Parking Enforcement.

Councillors Bill Duff, Jim Houston, Iain Gaul, Ian McLaren and Craig Fotheringham will consider several options, including introducing parking charges to pay for a traffic warden service.

The move follows the withdrawal last February of the warden service in Angus run by Police Scotland. It is estimated the cost for the council will be in the region of £470,000 to £1.1 million over five years.

Communities committee convener Donald Morrison said: “Since traffic wardens were withdrawn by police, we have seen coverage highlighting bad parking in the burghs.

“Police Scotland assured the council they would continue to deal with vehicles parked dangerously but our constituents have complained about irresponsible parking. Castle Street in Forfar is just one example. We do need to look at something.

“The steering group will consider all the options laid out in the report and come up with a business plan which is viable to put to the Minister, but this will take time. Police Scotland gave us a couple of months to do something but you cannot decriminalise parking in that time.”