Stay safe in party season

With the Christmas party season now in full swing, NHS Tayside is issuing a reminder to people to keep safe over the festive period.

Many people will be out and about over the next few weeks at Christmas parties and nights out but with the weather taking a turn for the worse and temperatures dropping below freezing, it is important to keep well wrapped up.

Party goers should try to wear several thin layers to help keep warm or at least a coat, hat and gloves which can be taken off when inside the pub or party venue. You may be warm indoors but when moving between places or heading home for the night, you could be outside in the freezing conditions for longer than you planned.

Dr Colin Donald, A&E consultant, said: “It is very important during the cold winter months that people take extra care on nights out. Remember to wrap up warm and make sure you organise transport to get home at the end of the night.

“Alcohol can inhibit your awareness of the cold and this can lead to accidents and potential hypothermia.

“Wearing high heeled shoes and drinking alcohol can also lead to slips and trips when roads and pavements are icy so take extra care when walking.”