Statue plan still strong

DD8 Music’s fund-raising efforts to bring a statue of Bon Scott to the town are still going strong despite an initial setback.

The initial plan to use fund-raising website Kickstarter did not quite make target and so it was back to the drawing board and more traditional methods of raising the money (turn to page three to find out how to donate).

So far DD8 Music have taken part in some events which has boosted the current total to well over £16,000.

Earlier this month members from the group travelled down to Kilmarnock for the ‘Kilmarnock, Ride On...’ event. With members of the band Volt and the Provost of Kilmarnock in attendance a great night was had at the Granary Bar where £222.90 was raised in total.

DD8 Music members were also at the Harley Davidson event in Brechin last week where they were able to get another boost to the coffers.

Money has also been coming in from AC/DC fan clubs around the world with the ecircle club raising a whopping £1,250.

But it is still very much a worldwide effort with fans from all over Europe and further afield doing their bit to help raise the cash.