SSPCA urges responsibility

The Scottish SPCA is urging pet owners not to leave their dogs in hot cars, warning that they are risking their animals’ lives by doing so.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity is keen to remind people that leaving a dog in a warm vehicle for even a short period of time can have serious consequences.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said, “We run this campaign every summer but some owners simply are not getting the message and we fear that they don’t fully appreciate the dangers they are putting their animals in.

“Many people might not realise that even on warm, cloudy days, cars can effectively turn into ovens and dogs can overheat in minutes.

“Leaving a window open and providing water is not enough. Being left inside a hot vehicle causes dogs to pant to try to cool down and this can lead to severe dehydration and hyperventilation which is extremely dangerous.

“Most people know what it’s like to get into a car after it’s been sitting in the sun. It’s unbearable and we immediately roll down the windows or turn on the air conditioning.

“Imagine being trapped inside a hot vehicle wearing a fur coat for minutes, possibly hours, and you are some way to understanding how dogs in hot cars feel.”

The charity is urging owners to leave their animals at home in warm weather rather than taking them on a car journey, stressing that dogs have previously died in Scotland as a result of being left in hot cars.