Splash team times announced for swim

The Tannadice Primary School Tantastics team who plan to triumph in the Junior Schools' category on Saturday.
The Tannadice Primary School Tantastics team who plan to triumph in the Junior Schools' category on Saturday.

The team times for all those taking part in the 24th Splash relay swim event on Saturday at Webster’s Sports Centre have been announced.

The first swim begins at 1.30 p.m. with 25 minute slots until 4 p.m.

Teams should register 15 minutes before their swim, and bring their sponsor money with them.

The times are as follows:-

1.30 p.m. - Old and Bold, St Mary’s; Diving Dolphins, St Andrew’s; Speedy Sunday Swimmers, GKOPC; Anthony’s Aquatics, St Anthony’s.

1.55 p.m. - Roxsay Platypusses, Northmuir PS; Jaws, Northmuir PS; Flipping Fast Fish, Northmuir PS; Speedy Penguins, Southmuir PS; Turbo Turtles, Southmuir PS.

2.20 p.m. - Jaws Developers, Forfar Jaws SC; Jaws Juniors, Forfar Jaws SC; Jaws Teens, Forfar Jaws SC; Jaws Allsorts, Forfar Jaws SC.

2.50 p.m. - Clumsy Clams, Cortachy PS; Tantastic Tannadice, Tannadice PS; Eassie Electric Eels, Eassie PS; Diving Dolphins, Airlie PS; Skimming Stones, Airlie PS.

3.15 p.m . - The Boys, Northmuir PS; Super Splashers, Southmuir PS; Super Speedy Swimmers, Southmuir PS; Kermit’s Frogs, Northmuir PS; Megan’s Mussels, Northmuir PS.

3.40 p.m. - Glamis Goldfish, Glamis PS; The Splashing Tigers, Northmuir PS; Crazy Killer Whales, Northmuir PS; Splashalot, Northmuir PS; Jumble, Family Team.

4.05 p.m. - Kirrie Kickers, Kirriemuir SC; Kirrie Kinetics, Kirriemuir SC; It was acceptable in the 80s, Tay Masters; Aqua Marina and the Waves, Tay Masters.

As spokesman said: “As always, spectators are welcome to encourage their teams and to enjoy John Neeson’s amusing commentary and poolside interviews.

“We thank all the organisations, companies and individuals who have supported Splash this year - and for more than two decades past. All our main contributors will be listed at the event in recognition of their generous community spirit. Without them, Splash could not continue to send vital finance to so many deserving charities.” A strong rumour persists that a serious challenge to break the Dundee City Aquatics 2008 outright club record of 138 lengths in 25 minutes may be mounted on Saturday. The Splash Shield awaits these new challengers who feature in the final swim of the day!