Splash relay event to relaunch in Kirrie

The INCREDIBLE fund-raising Splash relay swim event takes place at Webster’s Sports Centre this Saturday as competitors take to the pool for the 23rd year.

The first teams will take to the water at 1.30 pm to launch one of the most important community fund-raisers in Angus supported by schools, clubs, firms and shops throughout the area.

Hundreds of swimmers of all ages have again pledged their support, and crowds of enthusiastic spectators will be welcomed to give vital encouragement to families and friends who take the plunge during the afternoon.

Professional poolside commentary and a programme of exciting ‘celebrity’ interviews (with much embarrassment to all) will be provided by regular compere John Neeson - former deputy head teacher of Northmuir Primary School.

As always Webster’s Sports Centre staff will supervise to ensure that Splash’s unbroken safety record continues.

Sparkling Splash trophies in five categories from best primary school performers to club athlete record-breakers will be presented at 5 pm by a 2012 main sponsors Guild Homes Tayside director.

Every swimmer will also receive a personal certificate recording their swim achievement.

In addition to the main commercial sponsor, this year a total of 37 shops and firms in Angus and Tayside have already donated more than £2,500. Lane and trophy sponsors. Kirriemuir Rotary Club have again taken a leading funding role.

The team times for this year are as follows:-

1.30 pm - Old & Bold, St Mary’s; Diving Dolphins, St Andrews; Speedy Sunday Swimmers, GKOPC; Anthony’s Aquatics, St Anthony’s; Super Speedy Swimmers, Southmuir PS.

1.55 pm - Super Swimmers, Northmuir PS; Splashalot, Northmuir PS; Southmuir Scuba Divers, Southmuir PS; Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Southmuir PS; Dizzy Sharks, Glamis PS.

2.20 pm - Sizzling Seahorses, Glamis PS; Swimming Superstars, Northmuir PS; Super Six, Southmuir PS; Supersonic Oasis, Southmuir PS; Tannadice Turbos, Tannadice PS.

2.45 pm - Eassie Aquatic Seals, Eassie PS; Crazy Catfish, Cortachy PS; Lucky Lobsters, Northmuir PS; Tannadice Tornadoes, Tannadice PS; Tannadice Torpedoes, Tannadice PS.

3.10 pm - Swimming Ninja Narwhales, Airlie PS; Supersonic Swimmers, Airlie PS; Super Spartans, Northmuir PS; Visocchi’s, Visocchi’s.

3.35 pm - Kirrie Krackers, Kirriemuir SC; Kirrie Kickers, Kirriemuir SC; Jaws, Jaw’s SC; Jaws II, Jaw’s SC.

4.05 pm - Kirrie Kinetics, Kirriemuir SC; Faster Phelps, Angus Masters; Adlington All Stars, Angus Masters.

Splash began in 1990 and in the past 22 years over £150,000 has been sent directly to children’s care organisations worldwide.

This year’s target is £10,000.

The Splash 2012 sponsor donations will benefit a total of nine charities chosen by the event’s four organising churches - Kirriemuir St Andrew’s, St Anthony’s, St Mary’s and Glens and Old Parish.

The chosen charities are Scotland’s Erskine Hospital, Mission to Seafarers, Macmillan Cancer Local Committee and Special Olympics, Rotary Bosnia Fund, Dr Grahams Homes Kalimpong, Lawside Children’s Hospital Rumania and Operacion San Andres Peru.

Last year a new cause was chosen - ‘Women Deliver’.

It works to generate political and financial support for women in pregnancy and childbirth.

Funds are urgently needed to finance education and medicines to solve this world-wide problem.

Teams are asked to register 15 minutes before their swimming time.