Special services at Letham church

A weekend of celebrations has been organised to celebrate the culmination of several years of preparation for the renovation of Letham church.

The congregation of Dunnichen, Letham and Kirkden is looking forward to the culmination of several years of preparation for the renovation of the church, which was built in 1845. While some changes have been made over the years, this is the first major improvement in over 160 years.

The make-over has included major improvements both internally and externally.

The floor has been levelled and the pews have been replaced with upholstered, flexible seating. A new heating system has been installed, the lighting has been renewed and the whole building has been re-carpeted and repainted. The outside has also been remodelled to enable better disabled access and the grounds are in the process of being landscaped.

A weekend of celebrations will begin with the Service of Re-dedication this Friday at 7.30 p.m. when former ministers and members have been invited to attend.

On Saturday a children’s event will be held in the church when the children of the village and their parents have been invited to a morning of light hearted Christian entertainment featuring Silly McBee – a clown!

Sunday will mark the start of regular worship in the renovated building.

Earlier this week, leading up to the service of Re-dedication, from Monday to Thursday each morning at 9am and each evening at 9pm, a short service will be held in the church, following the pattern of worship held in the Abbey at Iona, where a number of members have gone over the years and found spiritual refreshment. These services affirm both the historic and current links the community has with the island, with the Abbey and with the present day Iona community.

Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of these events and take these opportunities to view the beautiful and comfortable modernisation of Letham church.