SNP candidate visits Forfar firm

Tony Walker, MD of Ritchie's, with Nigel Don
Tony Walker, MD of Ritchie's, with Nigel Don

Nigel Don, SNP prospective candidate for Angus North and Mearns, recently visited local business David Ritchie (Implements) Limited in Carseview Road.

Managing director Tony Walker showed him round the extensive factory showing him the huge variety of equipment manufactured by the company.

Nigel stated: “I am amazed at the range of equipment, both on the agricultural and industrial sides which this dynamic Forfar company makes.

“Not only that, the number of countries which Ritchie exports to is astounding.”

Tony Walker, who travels to China at least three times a year, said: “Last year during the downturn in the industrial market, the agricultural market saw an increase.

“Now we are seeing large contracts coming in from all over the world for our industrial products.”

Tony also pointed out that Ritchie, as with all companies, has been impacted by global issues. Of significant concern was a lack of coking coal from northern Australia due to the floods. Tony also cited red tape by a variety of governmental organisations, inflation and difficulty in accessing the skills needed, as real challenges for the running of the company.

Nigel responded: “For matters under the control of the Scottish Government, the SNP is doing as much as possible to help businesses through the current economic climate. We recognise the need for a vibrant business sector to ensure a thriving country for Scotland’s people.”