Snow forcing pupils onto road

AN appeal by the rector of Forfar Academy for pupils to take care when walking to and from school prompted one reader to contact the Dispatch last Friday.

Ian Whitton referred to a patch of snow which was blocking the pavement opposite the school gate, and which was forcing pupils and local residents, onto the road.

The snow was piled up after the school gates were cleared - but it is refusing to budge!

In light of the rector’s comments, he thought someone could have cleared the snow off the pavement before now.

He reported the snow to the Accessline on January 25 to complain of two piles of snow at the Academy which were blocking the footpath, and reported them again on February 1.

On Friday he added: “It is still there and is still blocking the pavement. It has been there since the big snowfall. It annoys me to see people walking onto the road which is very busy with cars and buses in the morning.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “There is no snow remaining at the gates of Forfar Academy.

“There was a small amount of snow on the pavement opposite which we requested a contractor to remove on February 2, and this is no longer there.”