Singing star “can’t wait” for prom

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Chart-topping singer Susan Boyle has spoken of her enthusiasm for returning to the Scottish stage and singing with headliner Elaine Paige at this year’s Glamis Prom.

The former Britain’s Got Talent star this week told the Dispatch and Herald that there is “nothing like performing in Scotland.”

She said: “Fortunate is an understatement when it comes to naming the countries I have performed in during my career and whilst all the audiences are fantastic, there is nothing like performing in Scotland.

“The support and the pride I feel when I’m standing on a Scottish stage is indescribable and one of the reasons I adore performing so much in my home country.”

Ms Boyle added that she last performed in Scotland on seven dates as part of her first tour and she praised the reception she received.

She continued: “Us Scots have a different mentality - we love a rags to riches story, we love those who have popped their head above the parapet and done well for themselves and that is shown in abundance by the cheers and adoration you get from a home audience.

“My return to a Scottish stage will be this summer at the Glamis Prom and I can’t wait. To have been invited to such an iconic event is just wonderful.

“The sense of pride I have to be singing not only for my fellow Scots but also to be doing a duet with Elaine Paige again is great. I’ve never been to Glamis before and I am really hoping I may be allowed to have a little sneaky peek into the castle.

“Above all I can’t wait to be a part of the grandeur of Glamis. I’m lucky to be performing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and this is the icing on my very Scottish cake!”