Sing from same hymn sheet

THe chairman of Forfar Community Council has asked Forfar’s four elected members on Angus Council to “sing from the same hymn-sheet” when an extension of the lease of the Lochside Caravan Park is discussed at a full meeting of Angus Council today (Thursday).

Speaking at this month’s meeting, chairman Mrs Isobel Ross expressed concerns that the Caravan Club, which has already secured a 30 year lease of the facility, is asking for a 20 year extension.

She questioned what financial benefit there would be for the Forfar Common Good Fund, which includes the lochside caravan park, and claimed it was “almost as bad as selling off the family silver.”

Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton informed the meeting the matter had been referred to the full meeting of Angus Council, which meets on Thursday (tomorrow).

She said: “I was less than happy with the lack of answers to the questions I put at committee.

“My questions are in to the appropriate director and that matter will be discussed at the full council.”

Councillor Middleton added there would be no increase to the Forfar Common Good as it is the council which pays the rent to the Forfar Common Good for the use of the ground

“Anything coming in from any increase in rent would go to Angus Council, not to the Forfar Common Good.”

She added: “Here we are, two years into a 30 year lease and they want another 20 years. I cannot see how that can be proven to be best value in any way, shape or form at the moment.”

Mrs Ross took issue with the handling of the Forfar Common Good Fund.

She said: “This is a legacy that is being left behind for future residents of the town.

“Fifty years is far too long. We are trying to protect the interests of the Forfar Common Good Fund and I am certain the people of Forfar would like to think we are protecting their interst.

“I would like to think that, at the full council meeting, the four Forfar councillors will sing from the same hymn sheet and say no to this 20 year extension of the lease.

“We shall wait with bated breath. It would not be the first time people have changed their mind and it’s good when they do.”